Special Guests: Elena & Heath!

Special Guests: Elena & Heath!

Today on ‘Finding the Guardian of Your Soul,’ I bring you the remarkable love tale of Elena and Heath. Elena, an Oracle pro and a mother, revolutionized her approach to romance after completing the transformative 12-week Emotionally Naked Course. This experience catalyzed her life, eventually leading her to Heath, her kindred spirit and life partner.
Heath, who brings his experiences from his military career, has embraced life with Elena and her children, adding a new dimension to their family. Their journey is a testament to the power of continuous growth and the role of guidance and support in a relationship. Tune in as they share insights from Elena’s transformative course, their adventures in the dating world, and the thoughtful choices that brought them together, forming a relationship grounded in mutual understanding, shared beliefs, and a commitment to personal development.
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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Brief background on Elena being a past client and Heath’s personal growth journey

– Heath’s desire to positively impact someone’s life

– The notion of their relationship being easy and fulfilling

– Mutual acknowledgment and appreciation of each other’s effort

– The age factor and defying common perceptions

– Elena’s perspective on how counseling helped her and their relationship

– Heath’s insight on not settling and clarity in relationship intentions

– Elena’s transformative experience with Lisa’s course

– Elena’s realization of her blind spots in understanding healthy relationships

– Elena’s proactive approach to dating: over 90 dates, improved profile, professional photos

– The value of Q&A calls with other women during the course

– The influence of Lisa and Benjamin’s relationship model


Key quotes:

“You attract certain characteristics maybe because of childhood. For example, daughters of alcoholics attract alcoholics, and they’re attractive to them because that’s what they know. So you have to really work on yourself to change that pattern and to work on yourself and be attracted to other types of men or situations.” — Elena 

“The course was the best thing I bought for me out of anything. It doesn’t compare to any clothing, jewelry, furniture, car, anything, because that’s an investment in me.” — Elena

“It seems like she goes out of her way to recognize the effort I put into the relationship. And again, that’s just something that I wasn’t accustomed to. And I try to do the same thing again…we both got lucky in that we both try to compliment, thank, and appreciate the other person. I think that goes a tremendous distance in making a relationship healthy.” — Heath 

“I’m empowering my female clients with tools and insight into male behavior so that we can shift ourselves because that’s where our power lies. We’re not going to change men. The way we’re going to change our relationship with men is by changing the way we relate to them.” — Lisa Shield

“I learned a great amount of information, and I enjoyed dating so much more after the class because before it was frustrating, it’s scary, it’s anxious, and it was a very different experience.” — Elena

“What you always were saying, Lisa: wonderful men are out there. It’s just something we need to see in our mind and change our mind.” — Elena

“I think many women come into relationships, and they figure, look, he’s the giver, I’m the receiver, and it’s all about me and me getting my needs met. And that often men don’t often get their needs met, and women may think that they are. But we really teach the women in our course how to be great partners.” — Lisa Shield 

“I’m more attracted to the person that Elena is than what she looks like. She’s beautiful, but I’m more attracted to parts of her that I have seen through our interactions.” — Heath

“To be so in love, to meet somebody at this age, to find somebody who will accept your children…The hundred miles or so that you were apart. None of that mattered in the end.” — Lisa Shield

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