Special Guests, Caroline & Matt!

Special Guests, Caroline & Matt!

Welcome back to “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul.” Today, we delve into a conversation about the evolution of love and commitment. This episode features a candid discussion with previous client Caroline, who met her partner Matt while navigating the complexities of modern dating. In spite of the sometimes superficial and chaotic nature of the apps, together they uncovered a deeper, more intentional connection.
Their story is a testament to the power of vulnerability and shared values, beginning with a serendipitous match on Tinder and evolving into thoughtful considerations of a future together. Together, they illustrate that the pursuit of love isn’t about fleeting moments but about building a foundation for lasting partnership.
In this episode, we ponder the meaning of finding someone with whom our souls can truly connect. If you, too, are seeking to navigate the waters of love with clarity and purpose, listen as Caroline and Matt generously share their insights into the deliberate choices that lead to true companionship and joy.
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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Caroline’s past concern for approval and fear of abandonment

– Her decision to take a dating course to improve her approach to relationships

– Matt’s frustration with the non-committal nature of dating apps

– Valuing communication and shared values in relationships

– The two meeting through Tinder and developing a strong connection

– Matt’s appreciation for Caroline’s directness and clarity

– Caroline and Matt’s decision to consider premarital counseling

– Caroline’s focus on career and personal growth before seeking a partner

– Both guests highlighting communication as a key element in their relationship

– How Lisa’s course facilitated their mutual understanding

– The importance of making lifelong connections and identifying relationship needs

– Learning to be emotionally vulnerable and its impact on relationships


Key quotes:

“I realized that I needed some help, some different type of help that I wasn’t getting anywhere else in the dating world.” — Caroline 

“I would have rather been liked for something I wasn’t than disliked for something I was. I was just more concerned with the approval.” — Caroline

“So it took just enough heartbreaks for me, honestly, to realize that, yes, I was doing like reading books on dating and love and how to improve myself, and I was going to therapy on and off, but it still was not producing anything different. I wasn’t doing enough differently, so I had to do something.” — Caroline 

“But the older I’ve gotten, I’ve learned a lot through [past] relationships of really what I want and being able to communicate with somebody on a totally different level. […] It’s really refreshing, I guess you could say, to find somebody that you can really just talk to and not really be judged or anything like that.” — Matt

“I wouldn’t have met Matt if I waited, because there was just a type of guy I was going for. I had this image of what I wanted him to look like, what kind of work I wanted him to do, where I wanted him to live. I had this whole image of what I thought I wanted. And after taking your course, I was like, dude…What are the five qualities I need, absolutely need, in somebody that I could not live without? And those five qualities are beyond a job title. They are beyond what city a person lives in. They’re beyond somebody’s height.” — Caroline

“We have values that we share together as far as being truthful and speaking our mind with each other. We’re very direct with each other…sometimes one of us might have our feelings hurt for a little bit when we are direct that way, but I think it’s for the best because if you don’t have these tough conversations, then you’re going to be at this level but never achieve something greater.” — Matt 

“The lifelong friendships and connections I’ve made in your program, like the quality of the other women, the quality of you, Lisa–I have a lifetime connection with all of you. I’d say that’s one thing that you do…Just having such good quality people I respect and I admire and I look up to and I learn from in my corner.” — Caroline

“We talked about some of our core values that we had as far as what we want in a partner and just the communication that we were able to have just in such a short period of time…” — Matt [00:17:25 → 00:17:39]

“She invested in herself to want something better in her life and to know exactly what she wants. And I very much respect it that she said, hey, look, this is a problem in my life…Let me figure this out. I’ll do a program, and really figure it out and of what I really want.” — Matt

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