Special Guest, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Larry Fan!

Special Guest, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Larry Fan!

Welcome back to “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul®”! I’m your host, Lisa Shield, and in today’s episode, we have the honor of welcoming a very special guest, Dr. Larry Fan. Dr. Fan is an acclaimed, Harvard-educated plastic surgeon and the founder of 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco. With his never-overdone aesthetic, he has positively impacted over 10,000 lives and has been recognized as one of America’s top plastic surgeons.

But Dr. Larry Fan’s journey to becoming a pioneer in the field of medical beauty goes beyond his impressive credentials. He experienced firsthand the transformative power of reconstructive surgery after a basketball accident that left him with a deformity. This experience sparked his passion for enhancing others’ confidence and led him to further hone his skills through advanced training in Shanghai and Pittsburgh.

Join us as we delve into an insightful discussion with Dr. Fan about the right time to consider cosmetic procedures. Is there an ideal age for a facelift, or is it more a matter of personal concern? We’ll also explore the realities of the recovery process and potential side effects, as well as the importance of setting realistic expectations. But that’s not all—Dr. Fan takes us on a deeper journey, emphasizing the need to address both inner and outer beauty. We’ll discover how he helps his patients achieve holistic well-being, from optimal physiology and weight management to mindset and personal growth. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an inspiring conversation with Dr. Larry Fan on “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul®”!

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Dr. Fan’s background, experiences, and achievements in the field of plastic surgery.

– Factors to consider when deciding to undergo a procedure, such as personal concerns and desires

– The importance of safety and understanding potential risks associated with surgery, especially for older individuals

– Recovery process and common side effects of procedures

– The significance of realistic expectations and maturity when considering cosmetic surgery, especially for young individuals

– The importance of discussing motivations with parents and potentially seeking psychological evaluation

– Encouragement for individuals to wait until they are older and more confident before making decisions about procedures

– The limits and effectiveness of non-surgical treatments like Botox and fillers

– The belief in the importance of inner beauty and improving overall well-being in addition to outer appearance

– Lisa’s work on helping women find love and partnership and the transformative effects on their appearance through the Finding the Guardian of Your Soul program

Key quotes:

  • “And I encourage people to wait until they’re old enough, mature enough, to really know, to have their own identity, to know what’s important to themselves, so that when they’re making any choices, it is from a place of empowerment, a place of certainty, a place of confidence, a place of making a long term decision.” — Dr. Larry Fan
  • “Even in an era where we are so modernized and women have so many opportunities, the emphasis on looks is awful for so many of us.” — Lisa Shield
  • “What I tell people is, number one, if you have a problem that you’re not happy with and it bothers you enough to be willing to get help, that’s probably an appropriate time to get help, provided you understand, okay, what does the help involve and what kind of results can be expected?” — Dr. Larry Fan
  • The best results are cases where people clearly look much, much better, but they also look very natural and very appealing, where there isn’t any obvious sign it doesn’t look like they’ve had surgery. That’s the highest level of surgery when people look better, but it’s actually undetectable.” — Dr. Larry Fan
  • “And I call my course my work the world’s Cheapest facelift because these women start blossoming and coming back to life and this dark cloud of being single and feeling stigmatized and finally finding their power with men. And they literally look ten to 15 years younger at the end of twelve weeks.” — Lisa Shield
  • “I think there’s a very big opportunity to not just improve our outer appearance, what I call our outer beauty, but also to improve our inner beauty.” — Dr. Larry Fan

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