Special Guest Lynnie Marks On Her Transformation Since Getting Emotionally Naked

Special Guest Lynnie Marks On Her Transformation Since Getting Emotionally Naked

This week, Lisa welcomes friend and client Lynnie Marks. As a strong, powerful, and intelligent woman, Lynnie has made remarkable change since joining Lisa and Benjamin’s Emotionally Naked Dating Program. She talks about her decision to work with Lisa and Benjamin, and a few of her greatest takeaways as a lifelong learner. Lynnie shares the tangible positive changes she has made throughout her work with Lisa including a custom made profile, a road map, and a newfound confidence in her own femininity. Take a listen, and get to know this wonderful woman who decided to bet on herself!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How did her work with Lisa help Lynnie keep momentum after getting scammed by a man?
  • How did the Emotionally Naked Dating program lay the framework for Lynnie to continue with the Mastermind? What did she like about the process?
  • Lynnie loves connecting with great women all around the world, and is now part of a true sisterhood.
  • What is different about Lisa and Benjamin than other dating coaches Lynnie has worked with?
  • How did seeing Lisa and Benjamin model the tools and techniques firsthand at a retreat give Lynnie even more inspiration about finding the Guardian of HER Soul?


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  • “You advanced humans are, to me, the guru’s of love and relationships.” – Lynnie
  • “I don’t hold anything to the outcome. I don’t live in the outcome, I live in the process.” – Lynnie
  • “We look to our relationship to guide you from. That’s really our guide.” – Lisa
  • “It’s a sacred relationship that we all share in that group, and I think it’s fun we are all growing together.” – Lisa