GITRMM: 5 Reasons Men Are Afraid to Commit

GITRMM: 5 Reasons Men Are Afraid to Commit

In this heartfelt episode of ‘Finding the Guardian of Your Soul,’ join us as former client, Elaine, shares her poignant and inspiring quest for love after losing her husband. Elaine talks openly about how Lisa’s course, Emotionally Naked Dating, was the catalyst for change in her dating life during a difficult stage.

Lisa and Elaine’s candid conversation lays bare the challenges and revelations of her journey as a widow grappling with her return to the dating scene. She shares the ways in which END rekindled her confidence and enabled her to navigate the complex world of modern dating with grace and determination.

Elaine shares the beautiful story of how she met her incredible partner online. He matched everything she was looking for (and more), and best of all she felt ready to be with him after the incredible work she had done on herself.

Elaine’s story is not just about finding love after loss, it’s a celebration of rediscovering herself in pursuit of connection and the belief in the possibility of a soulmate at any stage in life. Her story is inspirational, relatable, and so full of hope.

This episode is certain to touch your heart and make you think. Tune in to witness a true reflection on loneliness, growth, and the brave leap into the arms of fate.

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Challenges faced when dating as a widow

– Balancing the program’s time commitment with personal life

– The value of investing in personal growth and dating success

– Feelings of loneliness and lack of control in the dating process

– Finding confidence and determination to pursue love again

– Learning from past relationships through the program

– Overcoming grief and reevaluating life priorities after loss

– Embracing femininity and letting go of anxious attachment styles

– Open communication and shared commitments establishing a strong connection

– The “final five” approach and focusing on compatibility

– The non-linear approach of the program and its advantages over traditional therapy

– Success in finding a fulfilling relationship with a previously divorced man

Key Quotes:

Reflecting on Past Relationships: “I think the piece that resonates with me the most is the exercise where you go back and do an analysis of your past relationship, from your parents to people you dated, to people you were married. And it’s a group, but it’s individual. And I was scared to death to do it on my late husband. Right. And I talked to Rebecca, my coach, and, you know, this one worries me, because I try to think of all of the positives, and you have to come up with positives and negatives. I haven’t tried to think backwards, well, this could have been better, and that could have been better because he passed and he had a good marriage. Well, I did the exercise, and it shocked me because he had a lot of the traits that all of my past relationships had.”

— Elaine