Special Guest, Burlesque Dancer, Zia Sandía!

Special Guest, Burlesque Dancer, Zia Sandía!

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Finding the Guardian of Your Soul! I’m your host, Lisa Shield, and today we have a very special guest joining us. Get ready to be captivated by the stunning talent and empowering journey of burlesque dancer, Zia Sandía!

In today’s episode, Zia takes us on a remarkable ride through her transformation, from ballet folclórico to the captivating world of burlesque. We’ll explore her struggles with embracing sensuality, femininity, and self-love, and how burlesque became the sanctuary she had been searching for. Leaving behind the certainties of religion and embracing her artistic nature wasn’t easy, but Zia discovered the power of rejecting the need for approval and conditional love.

Alongside Zia, we delve into the societal expectations that put pressure on women to prove their worth and the influence of patriarchal figures. We’ll explore Zia’s personal definition of success and why she believes authenticity and self-acceptance are far more important than external markers. Finally, Zia shares her experiences as a performer and the challenges of evoking sensuality on a grand scale. We’ll discuss the stigma surrounding stripping and burlesque, as well as the strength and determination of those who work in the industry.

So get ready for an episode filled with empowerment, self-discovery, and the power of embracing your true self. Don’t miss out on this exclusive conversation with the incredible Zia Sandía! Let’s dive in and find the guardian of our souls together.

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Zia discovering burlesque and being captivated by its freedom and openness

– Struggling with embracing sensuality, sexuality, and femininity

– Therapy, self-work, and self-love to deconstruct upbringing in a religion

– Her journey defining success based on personal truth and self-acceptance

– Societal expectations and the patriarchy’s influence on women’s self-worth

– Stripping industry stigma and mistreatment, advocating for better protection and acceptance

– Zia’s admiration for strippers’ sales skills and work ethic

– Prioritizing performance over seeking male attention

– Embracing and appreciating sensuality and beauty through burlesque

– The importance of self-love, sensuality, and personal exploration


Key quotes:

“In the process of pursuing what I love, it brings a satisfaction and joy of life that I never thought I could have.” — Zia Sandía

“When you start learning how to trust yourself, you can take another person’s point of view and think about it, but not let it hurt you.” — Zia Sandía

“It sounds like as a woman, it can be incredibly empowering to feel your beauty, your sensuality, instead of feeling that there’s something wrong with it. That is an issue for women today…they find their power in their work and their corporate jobs and in all these other things, and they lose sight of who they are as women.” — Lisa Shield

“To excite the audience, to pull out sensuality and lure them in on a mass scale was something that was such a challenge to me, like something I didn’t ever think I could do.” — Zia Sandía

“You have to find the sensuality and the beauty within yourself in order to invoke that to others.” — Zia Sandía

“It would be nice if [sex work] were more accepted and if it were more protected… the women could be more protected.” — Lisa Shield

‘We are taught as women that we are a threat and we need to stay in line. And if we are going to be seen as worth it or worthy to a man, we better learn our place. And that teaches women that they need to offer something more than what they just are to be good enough.'” — Zia Sandía

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