Special Guest Annette on Forgiveness & Loving from Her Heart and Soul

Special Guest Annette on Forgiveness & Loving from Her Heart and Soul

This week, Lisa welcomes success story Annette, a wise and wonderful woman who had done it all and tried everything to improve her outlook on love and relationships, but at the end of the day, was still deeply unhappy. She stumbled upon Lisa’s 12-week course and kept putting it off and putting it off until she had had enough. She just wanted to be happy. She finally decided to take the leap and invest in coaching with Lisa and Benjamin, and now wishes she would have done it sooner and would pay them double to know what she knows now. Annette talks about the transformation she went through in the 12 weeks, and how everyone in her life noticed the “new” glowy and self assured her- even her therapist!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Annette talks about what held her back from originally signing up with Lisa, and why she decided to go all in. 
  • What made working with Lisa and Benjamin different for Annette compared to all the other self growth programs she has done? 
  • The characteristics and qualities we expect from a man, we have to embody first. 
  • What made sharing within the group of other strong, badass women so powerful for Annette? 
  • Annette talks about how she opened up her heart and forgave herself for poor past decisions and her part in unhealthy relationships.
  • The work Annette did has also positively affected her career and the way she shows up in the world. 

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  • “I can’t expect my Guardian of my Soul to give me everything on my wish list. If I’m not willing to be the wish list myself.” – Annette
  • “I’m not going to settle until I feel home.” – Annette
  • “The guy is going to come. I know he’s coming.” – Annette
  • “You guys coach from your soul and your heart.” – Annette
  • “How lucky is my life that I just need the right guy?” – Annette