Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

We’ve all heard the old “we broke up, but remain the best of friends” line, and chances are you have even done it yourself after a breakup. The truth is, sometimes this does work, and two former lovers can transition to good friends, but most often this isn’t the case. This week, Lisa talks about whether being friends with your ex is a good idea, and a few boundaries to set if you both decide to go there. She shares her own example of leaving a toxic relationship that cost her time, energy, and money, and explains why keeping your path clean and clear is absolutely necessary if you want to create a pathway for the Guardian of Your Soul to walk toward you. At the end of the day, looking out for your needs, health, and happiness sometimes means saying goodbye to someone you can’t imagine living without… and then you do, and your future looks brighter than ever expected!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Yes, it really does matter why you broke up when determining if you should still be friends with your ex. 
  • The clear boundaries to set when staying friends – not friends with benefits! 
  • Why it’s so important for exes that co-parent to try and be as amiable as possible. 
  • Being friends will not work if one person is secretly hoping for something more!
  • How did Lisa get herself out of a very toxic relationship? What did she learn that could help you too? 
  • If an ex is abusive, narcissistic or draining – leave and never look back. 

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  • “I think it’s extremely, extremely important to have a healthy friendship with an ex so that you can co-parent.” – Lisa 
  • “It is my greatest recommendation that when you are out in the dating world, you really are on a mission and a journey to find the guardian of your soul and true lasting love. I think it’s very important to keep that path clean and clear.” – Lisa