Should You Believe Him When He Says This Time Will Be Different?

Should You Believe Him When He Says This Time Will Be Different?

So… you met the guy you thought could be Your guy and just as the two of you were getting cozy, he pulled back and put you on ice! What?!? You’re devastated and reeling for a bit but you know you gotta get back out there, and just as you’re starting to get your groove back – He shows up again telling you all the right things, and promising it will be different this time. What should you do? This week, Lisa shares the hallmark signs of an avoidant attachment style, and how to jump out of the wounded anxious/avoidant cycle once and for all!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What avoidant attachment is, and how it shows up? 
  • Why does it seem like you go around in circles with an avoidant? 
  • Why do avoidants and anxiously attached people seem to trigger each other so deeply? 
  • Can you make someone less avoidant? 
  • I’m an anxious attachment type, but stable relationships almost seem boring to me. Why is that? 
  • My avoidant came back and said he wants to take things slow. What should I do? Is slower always better?
  • What should you do if your man keeps apologizing for everything?
  • How do you keep the fire lit in a secure relationship when you are used to drama? 

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  • “You make them wrong and you kill them off.” – Landmark Forum
  • “You have to think about the quality of the love you want to be able to give your partner.” 
  • “One of the great mistakes we all make when we are dating is thinking we know right away who someone is.”