Setting Boundaries With Men

Setting Boundaries With Men

This week it’s all about boundary setting, as Lisa talks about what a boundary is, how to get in touch with your boundaries, and why they are so important in every stage of a relationship. She explores the premise of “ask instead of tell” when communicating your boundary with a man, and what to do when someone isn’t respecting the boundary you’ve set. Lisa also takes some listener questions on how best to cool off after an argument and what to do when you want a man to call you, but he just wants to text.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What is a boundary, and how do you know what your boundaries are? 
  • What to do when someone keeps testing or not respecting your boundary. 
  • Boundaries are not a one size fits all thing, and we have to learn how to communicate what ours are in a relationship. 
  • Men don’t like being told what to do (especially from women) so how do you tell him your boundary in a firm but loving manner? 
  • Don’t forget! Boundaries can change over time.
  • What should you do when you want to connect on the phone but he wants to text? 

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  • “Anytime you have a limit, a line that you need to draw between you and another person, that’s creating a boundary.” – Lisa
  • “You need to let other people know where your boundaries are. You cannot expect that they are using the same playbook in life as you.” – Lisa
  • “Boundaries are not one size fits all.” – Lisa
  •  “Men don’t like to be told what to do. Especially from a woman.” – Lisa