Self-Sabotage and Overcoming Your Fear of Dating

Self-Sabotage and Overcoming Your Fear of Dating

Are you a saboteur? You say you want a great man, but what do you do once they show up? This week, Lisa shares a story about early on in her career when she got a call from Vogue as a fashion photographer, and the ways that she sabotaged her own shot at the job she dreamt of for years. This leads to a bigger talk in self-sabotage, and how tackling your biggest challenges is what gives you the confidence to open up your heart and let in the Guardian of Your Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What are the ways we self-sabotage our own success, whether it’s in a career, or finding and keeping a good man. 
  • How can you get past self-sabotage? 
  • Why do we even self-sabotage ourselves in the first place? 
  • We want these great love affairs and dream of the perfect man, but if you aren’t ready for it, you’ll push him away without even realizing it. 
  • Lisa talks about seeking support for her body image and eating issues, and how it brought her confidence and freedom.
  • We can take our shame and we can turn it into vulnerability. 
  • Unless you really tackle your negative habits and beliefs, you will repeat the same issue over and over. 
  • We gain self esteem by doing esteemable things. 

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  • “We want these great love affairs and are dreaming of the perfect man. We tell ourselves we deserve it, but we self sabotage, overanalyze, and let the voice in our head get the best of us.” 
  • “You’re pushing men away good men and not even realizing it, and you’re getting caught up in the fantasies and the dreams.” 
  • “You have to have a deep inquiry into the belief that is causing you to self sabotage.” 
  • “There’s real love in the world. There’s unconditional love, and it’s available to every single one of you, you just have to open your heart to it.” 
  • “One of the ways that I gained self confidence was by facing the single biggest issue in my life, my weight.” 
  • “The way we build self esteem is by doing esteemable acts.” 
  •  “I had to love myself from the inside out and redefine beauty.”