RePlay: When Searching for a Partner, Expect the Unexpected

RePlay: When Searching for a Partner, Expect the Unexpected

Our brains are great storytellers, and they make up story after story about dating, men, and the type of love we think we want! However, you may be weeding out wonderful people because of the checklist in your head that a man must have- Financially stable. Educated. Spiritually attuned. While all these things are important, they are limiting you. This week, Lisa invites you to a new type of dating, shares her own experience in meeting Benjamin, and how that absolutely would not have happened if she hadn’t expanded her view of what love had to look like, first. The more you open your heart and become present to what is, life will surprise you and offer an even better version of what you want!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


Is your version of how your man “should be” holding you back from meeting a really great guy?

Why you should broaden your view of what a successful, spiritual, and wealthy man looks like.

Benjamin is Lisa’s greatest teacher and the man who walks the talk the most of any man she’s ever met, but she had to do the inner work on herself to fully be ready for someone like him to show up.

How does the 12 week Emotionally Naked Dating Program help women come up with the five non-negotiables? Why does it matter to get clear on your Final Five?

Your life will change when you treat dating as a spiritual journey, and you let go of your grip on what things should look like.

Instead of having a checklist of things that you are looking for, see if you can go on dates and simply appreciate the man sitting in front of you.

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Werner Erhard



“We are meaning making machines.” – Werner Erhard  

“I was really happy that I hadn’t limited myself and that I got outside of my own box. I was willing to see success in a much broader sense and not have this very narrow view.” – Lisa

“I just started to expand my view of what I thought success looked like, and I started to redefine that.” – Lisa

“He is my greatest spiritual teacher. Of all the great teachers I’ve worked with, I’ve never met anyone who walks the talk the way Benjamin does. He lives a life of kindness, gratitude, generosity, passion and compassion.” – Lisa

“There’s a better way to date. There’s a newer way, a way that comes from the heart from real love and compassion, where we can all appreciate one another.” – Lisa