RePlay: Meeting a Man IRL- YES. It’s Still Possible!

RePlay: Meeting a Man IRL- YES. It’s Still Possible!

We are replaying one of our most talked about episodes! Are you feeling like it’s impossible to create a connection online? -Or maybe you just feel lost in a sea of swiping with no good dates to show for it. In this past episode, Lisa talks about how to get off the apps and into the real world to meet high quality and wonderful men. She offers listeners several ideas that are free, fun, and filled with available guys. Then, Lisa talks about why you also shouldn’t give up on dating apps, and how you can have an attention grabbing profile that will reel in the right guy for you! Please don’t forget to rate, review, download and subscribe to the podcast.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Okay, so where can you really meet people out in the real world? 
  • How can you and your other single friends help set each other up? What about your friends already in a relationship? 
  • Working from home? Lisa provides some ideas to get you out of your home office and into a great setting to meet men. 
  • Before you give up on online dating, Lisa talks about some simple yet powerful ways to tune up your profile. 
  • The top 10% of men in looks are getting 80% of the reponses – how can you use this to your advantage? 
  • Lisa talks about how not to let rejection hold you back or keep you down. 
  • Why just waiting and “leaning back” is not a winning strategy. 

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  • “Proximity and frequency are two of the big indicating factors of what causes a match.” 
  • “He’s out there and searching for you right now.” 
  • “If I were single, I would be taking my pup to the park as often as possible.” 
  • “You will get way more dates online then offline.”