Are You Missing Red Flags Because He’s “Too Nice”?

Are You Missing Red Flags Because He’s “Too Nice”?

Lisa welcomes Operations Manager and Head Coach Cassie, who drops some of her extensive wisdom and expertise about nice men who turn out to be avoidant, and how we may be missing those waving red flags along the way. Cassie and Lisa talk about the reasons women tend to accept inconsistency when a man seems nice and interested, but how that can keep us holding on to false hope for months and even years. They discuss how finding the right coach can help you recognize these red flags earlier on and move forward to find the guardian of your soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  Cassie’s definition of an avoidant man, and how it differs from an emotionally unavailable man. 
  • The level of intensity is different for every man as to what they can or can’t handle, and what things trigger that withdrawal. 
  • How women can become addicted to how kind and nice he is in person, that they accept inconsistency when apart. 
  • You’ll be waiting for the last piece forever, unless the man takes some time to do some real work on himself. 
  • How working with Lisa and Benjamin can help you recognize avoidants early on, even if they are super nice guys and learn to communicate with men in a non-shaming way. 
  • How the movie Crazy Stupid Love lied to us. It’s not about just the right woman waltzing in for the man to stop his avoidant tendencies. 
  • What timeline you should be really honing in on commitment when starting a new relationship. 
  • How sex affects your ability to gauge red flags in the first six weeks.

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