Nobody’s Perfect.

Nobody’s Perfect.

Lisa kicks this week off by reading some critical feedback from one of our listeners. We’re actually not sure if they’re still listening, but nonetheless, Lisa takes this opportunity to recall how she wasn’t always so willing (or able) to receive criticism from others, how that actually kept her from being happy, and how it’s never too late to finally grow up. She talks depression, 12-step, divorce, family, and how she set herself free to be of service to others in their journey to find healthy, lasting, true love.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Lisa talks about the difference in how she used to receive criticism, and the way she receives it today.
  • How you can become more confident with your stronger qualities, and the things you struggle with as well.
  • Nobody is perfect, and that should make you feel better about embracing who you are as an authentic, flawed, but beautiful human.
  • Lisa talks about seeing the qualities from her father in herself, and the challenge to make an intentional effort to be her highest self, instead.
  • Before you find the Guardian of Your Soul, you need to really grow up and be honest with yourself.

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  • “There was so much I had to look at about myself and really take ownership for.” – Lisa
  • “I’m an earthy person. And I really am grounded, you know, that’s one of my qualities.” – Lisa
  • “It forced me to really grow up, to be honest with myself in a way that I had never been honest before, to rip off band aids.” – Lisa