Moving Beyond Your Fear of Commitment

Moving Beyond Your Fear of Commitment

Even though a fear of commitment may be keeping you single, you aren’t as alone as you think. According to research, up to 42% of Americans are without an S.O. (significant other), and although a fear of committing is attributed to mostly men, women very often feel this way as well and end up pushing away good love without even knowing it. In this episode, Lisa talks about why women keep themselves single, the fears that are really behind a resistance to commit, and how working with the right coach can help you create new patterns that may lead you to the Guardian of Your Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • A few of the tell tale signs that you may have a fear of commitment. 
  • Almost half of all Americans don’t have a significant other, possibly even more in recent years.
  • But what if I commit and get let down AGAIN? 
  • What about the notion that as soon as you commit, you’ll lose your independence? 
  • How being in a good relationship with a man that is respectful and your equal can actually help your finances, not drain them. 
  • How the company you keep can have a big impact on your decision to jump in and commit with both feet. 
  • You’ll learn why fireworks and moonbeams aren’t what you’re looking for, and that’s rarely how the Guardian of Your Soul shows up. 

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Pew Research Center


  • “We can’t always see our own blind spots.” 
  • “You actually will gain MORE with the right partner.” 
  • “We have to look at ourselves and not undervalue what we are bringing to a relationship.” 
  • “There are wonderful men who want women who are loving and kind and nurturing.” 
  • “Looking for fireworks, moonbeams, and shooting  stars and sky rockets is not the way to gauge whether or not somebody is really a good partner.”