Move On From Your Ex, For Real!

Move On From Your Ex, For Real!

Can’t get over your ex? You are not alone. So many of us wonder if we will ever find love again, or at all. The thing is, the ONE thing we don’t have is time to waste, and the way you are “healing” may not even work. This week, Lisa explains why you may not need months to process or heal, and exposes the real reasons you’re too afraid to move on. So, if you’re ready to stop living in the past, this episode is for you!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why do we hold on to relationships and people, even if they weren’t that great? 
  • Can you really let go of a relationship that you’ve invested so much in? 
  • What about the fear that you’ll never find someone like that again? 
  • A few of the many ways holding on tight to an old relationship costs you. 
  • How working with Lisa and Benjamin can help you press the reset button and get REAL clarity on what you are looking for and how to embody the best version of yourself quickly.
  • How to stop beating yourself up for picking the wrong people and start focusing on the right ones. 
  • Yes, you can learn to see the light and not waste time on imposters. 

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  • “One of the reasons we hold on is because it’s very, very hard to admit that it’s not going to work and that you may not be a good fit.” 
  • “And a lot of you are thinking,  ‘but I need to go to therapy, I need to spend time healing, I need to process and figure out what went wrong’.”