Laurie and Jim: An Old School Love That Just Seems Easy

Laurie and Jim: An Old School Love That Just Seems Easy

Lisa welcomes former client Laurie and her partner, Jim, to share what it’s like to have an Emotionally Naked, loving, and supportive connection! As a successful therapist, Laurie was very self-aware and knew how to get what she desired professionally, but she really had to take a leap of faith after watching Lisa for a few months. What she found was the kind of relationship she didn’t even think was possible in a million years! Lisa talks with Laurie and Jim about the ways they support each other, how their relationship first started and what work they did individually that keeps this Guardian of Their Soul-type relationship flourishing today and every day. It’s a beautiful episode with wonderful people. Enjoy!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Laurie watched Lunch with Lisa for a few months – what made her decide to take action and sign up for coaching, and what are the ways it paid off? 
  • Laurie’s training as a therapist allowed her to be fully aware and conscious through the process, making her a quick and agile learner. 
  • How did Laurie’s profile stand out to Jim and what set her apart from other women? 
  • Jim talks about the year-long break he took from dating to work on himself, and how it mirrors the inner work Laurie was doing on herself that made them really click once they came together. 
  • As the Guardian of Jim’s Soul, Laurie makes space for him to be himself, and in turn, Jim deeply appreciates and does the same for her. 
  • Jim describes how Laurie’s general energy and the way she communicated gave him that “old school” feeling he’s always been yearning for.
  • Laurie talks about how she let Jim know in a light way that she appreciated consistency, and how him showing up and being there for her is such a turn on. 

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  • “I never in a million years imagined it could be this good.” – Laurie 
  • “Not only was I looking for the Guardian of My Soul, but I wanted to be the Guardian of somebody else’s Soul.” – Laurie 
  • “We were very comfortable with each other, we could just be ourselves and let it flow. I hate to say it, but it was so easy.” – Jim 
  • “I didn’t know that a relationship could be this wonderful.” – Laurie 
  • “I am creating a space for him to feel really safe, and to let him know all the time how much I love him. And we both do that all the time.” – Laurie 
  • “A lot of women just don’t know how to make space for a man.” – Lisa