Special Guest, Elaine!

Special Guest, Elaine!

On today’s episode of ‘Finding the Guardian of Your Soul,’ Lisa delves into the exceptional insights from her live five-day master class, “Land a Man on Your Level.” Lisa, renowned for her expertise and the celebrated Emotionally Naked Dating course, joins forces with her partner Benjamin to craft online dating profiles that resonate deeply with clients, as evidenced by glowing testimonials and successful love matches.

This master class is a life-changing journey for anyone seeking to find true connection and emotional intimacy. Lisa unveils the art of constructing authentic, positive online dating profiles that stand out while stressing the value of steering clear of negativity. Her unique approach goes beyond surface-level tips; it’s about transformative personal growth and the proactive pursuit of love.

Listeners will gain wisdom on breaking free from past patterns, reinventing personal dating dynamics, and the subtle communication techniques that foster a profound bond with prospective partners. Lisa’s emphasis on authenticity, understanding the male psyche, and harmonizing feminine and masculine energies promises a fresh perspective on attracting a partner who is truly on your level.

We invite you to tune in as Lisa guides us through her methodology, including enlightening exercises and the delicate balance between strength and femininity in dating. This episode is a must-hear for anyone ready to invest in themselves, change their love paradigm, and discover the soulful, lasting relationship they deserve.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Role of Lisa’s husband, Benjamin, in writing online dating profiles

– Positive impact as shared through testimonials and Facebook posts

– Success stories from clients

– The importance of honesty and positivity in creating a profile

– Use of descriptive language to draw a clear picture of oneself

– Effective communication and creating a safe emotional space

– The significance of open, loving, and non-shaming interactions

– Balancing strength with femininity to attract masculine men

– Focus on personal growth and transformation in dating

– Proactive steps toward attracting a suitable partner

– Key topics: letting go of the past, self-reinvention, and pattern recognition in relationships

– Identifying inner voices: frenemy vs. naked dater

– The “switching hands” exercise to gain insights

– Strategies for changing attraction patterns and relationship dynamics

– Understanding the function of profiles in the dating landscape

– Discussion on aligning profile presentation with the desired relationship type

– The necessity of connecting on an emotional level

– Differentiating between traits felt in the head and heart

– Encouraging emotional availability in conversations with men

– Invitation to invest in oneself

– Opportunity to explore emotional availability in potential partners

– Personal anecdotes highlighting the effectiveness of her methods

– Lisa Shield’s hope for others to find fulfilling relationships like her own

– Invitation to join the upcoming session of the master class

Embracing Personal Growth in Dating: “We approach dating as a spiritual path of personal growth and transformation, not as just a means to an end.”

— Lisa Shield [00:03:50 → 00:03:59]

Authentic Approach to Love: “If you are going to attract true and unconditional love, it has to come from the heart.”

— Lisa Shield [00:04:28 → 00:04:33]

Embracing Change and Personal Growth: “You may have epiphanies and breakthroughs, but you’ve got to get out there and actually put these new ideas into practice in order to attract the guardian of your soul.”

— Lisa Shield [00:05:01 → 00:05:16]

Embracing Authentic Voice: “And what we teach our clients is you have to start to identify when the frenemy is speaking and when the naked dater is speaking. And you need to stop listening to the frenemy and start tuning into your naked data.”

— Lisa Shield [00:07:37 → 00:07:54]

Reinventing Yourself in Dating: “Men today expect women to be accomplished and independent and self-sufficient. But your success doesn’t translate into success with men, right? It’s a wonderful quality to have, and men do not. Good men don’t want women that they feel they have to rescue. But that is not going to make a man have romantic feelings for you.”

— Lisa Shield [00:10:25 → 00:10:47]

Online Dating Profile Tips: “So the first thing that you should put in your profile is you should be honest and upfront and don’t bury the lead.”

— Lisa Shield [00:16:02 → 00:16:11]

Understanding Male-Female Dynamics: “So day three was getting emotionally naked with men to create a safe landing for their hearts. And we talked about male female differences and how you get a man to show up and share his heart with you by understanding who men are and being able to meet them where they are.”

— Lisa Shield [00:19:56 → 00:20:19]

Embracing Femininity in Relationships: “No man who’s worth anything would be intimidated by you. And if a man is intimidated by you, he’s not the kind of guy you want to go out with.”

— Lisa Shield [00:24:08 → 00:24:18]

Gender Dynamics in Relationships: “And so women tell themselves, oh, I just want a man who’s more masculine than me. But really very masculine women tend to attract very feminine men, or you attract men who are stronger than you. And those would be players and narcissists and men who really don’t care, and they just love the chase, and it’s a game to them, but they’re not interested in having a relationship with you, so all they’re interested in is dominating you or getting you into bed, but they don’t want to have an emotional connection with you. And so those men are also attracted to very strong masculine women.”

— Lisa Shield [00:24:56 → 00:25:44]

Embracing Feminine Energy: “Nurturing compassion sensitivity intuition empathy gracefulness gentleness supportiveness patience tenderness affection listening skills caring connection understanding beauty warmth emotional expressiveness subtlety cooperative spirit modesty aesthetic appreciation”

— Lisa Shield [00:27:27 → 00:28:02]