Is Your Optimism Bias Ruining Your Chance at Love?

Is Your Optimism Bias Ruining Your Chance at Love?

This week, Lisa addresses something she sees holding great women back all over the world – “optimism bias.” She goes into exactly what optimism bias is, and gives concrete examples of how it shows up in your relationship to dating. Lisa shares why it’s important to be a realist when it comes to love, how to start taking realistic steps to move past your optimism bias and find the true Guardian of Your Soul!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What is the “optimism bias” anyway + shocking stats!
  • What areas could you benefit from taking practical realistic action?
  • How do you begin to put energy and devotion into the RIGHT way to date? 
  • If I’m beautiful and successful enough, won’t the men just come find me? 
  • Lisa explains why more career success often means even less luck in dating. How unfair! What can you do about it? 
  • Does getting rid of the “optimism bias” mean you will be a negative thinker? Isn’t positive thinking healthy? 
  • What are some practical steps you can take towards being more of a realist? 
  • How does our optimism bias actually make men run for the hills and feed anxiety?


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  • “We lack realism when it comes to finding love.” 
  • “I realized that the journey to find love is really the ultimate spiritual path.”
  • “Love with a partner is the most spiritual thing we do in life.” 
  • “For women, it’s the exact opposite of men. We have less of a chance of being able to find a true partner as we go up the corporate ladder or the ladder of success, whereas men have a much higher chance of finding a partner.” – Lisa