Is Your Attachment Style Secure?

Is Your Attachment Style Secure?

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Are you the type to sit staring at your phone, waiting for that text or call back? Or, maybe you avoid love altogether or run away when you feel things heating up? Either way, understanding your own attachment style and pattern is absolutely essential if you want to date! This week, Lisa explains attachment theory, by breaking down the three main styles: Secure, Anxious, and Avoidant. Which one are you?

– Why it’s essential to learn about attachment theory.

– What does it look like when someone is either anxiously attached or avoidant?

– Why do women tend to be more anxious in relationships?

– How do you know which one you are, and can you be a mix of them?

– What are protest behaviors?

– How Lisa observed a love bomber and got herself out of it with a clear conscience.

– What is Lisa’s “One Conversation Rule” for seeing if the person you are dating is equipped to handle the tough conversations in life?

– Why are avoidants / anxious attachers attracted to one another, and how to break free of codependency to become more secure.

– How to finally solve this issue to become an Emotionally Naked Dater!


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Men Who Can’t Love



“Our parents have a huge influence over who we choose as partners, and how we show up in our relationships.”

“What’s exciting is having both feet in a relationship, and being willing to take that kind of leap, that kind of risk, and then seeing what happens.”

“When we’re anxious, we tend to attract the wrong men, so anxious and avoidant people are attracted to each other.”


Original Airdate: October 14, 2021

Ep 23, re-edited for this RePlay