Is He Really Intimidated by your Job, Money, and Independence?

Is He Really Intimidated by your Job, Money, and Independence?

“He was probably just scared of how powerful you are!” “He’s just intimidated by you and your success!” Chances are, you’ve said these sentences either to yourself or a close friend to justify why he didn’t call you back. Are men really intimidated by powerful and independent women, or do they actually love it? Turns out- it’s a little of both! Lisa shares some statistics and research on the fact that more women are college-educated than men today, and up to 40% of household breadwinners are women. So why hasn’t love caught up? Buckle up, this is a fun one!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • If men say they love successful and powerful women, why does it seem like they go for the exact opposite? 
  • Why would a man see a successful woman as a threat? 
  • It is true that some men are going to be intimidated by successful women, but that doesn’t mean you should go out into the dating world with a chip on your shoulder. There are plenty of men out there who are confident and successful who would love to meet a wonderful, confident, educated, successful woman. And you only need one! 
  • One of the reasons why men are not interested in successful women is not just because you’re smart and successful. It’s because women who focus on their careers often lose their femininity or their feminine edge.
  • The feminine lead is one of the most empowering, beautiful, magical things a woman can do. How do you take the feminine lead and make him feel confident AND excited to ask you out? 
  • It’s not always because your success intimidates men. The truth is that you may also be too masculine, in your heart and not in your heart, and he feels like he’s on a job interview rather than a date. 
  • Men are often less concerned with your job and how much money you can make, and more interested in if you have an emotional connection with each other, and if you are playful and reflecting his masculinity back to him. 

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  • “Scientific research also has shown that as a man’s academic motivation rises, so does his desire for a smart partner.” – Lisa 
  • “My mother told me: be independent, be successful, and make your own money so that you never find yourself in a situation like I did.” – Lisa
  • “People won’t remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 
  • “This is why so many of these men are not turned on by you. It’s not because your success intimidates them. It’s because you’re too masculine.” – Lisa