If I’m Such a Catch, Why Has No One Caught Me?

If I’m Such a Catch, Why Has No One Caught Me?

You’ve got a fabulous job, a great group of friends, and money in the bank…so why are you having a hard time meeting a man and falling in love? This week, Lisa first talks about the extraordinary ways modern women have grown in society, and why that also can lead to an imbalance in the dating world. She emphasizes the importance of creating a safe emotional space for men to open up and feel like they are respected and really heard. Lisa talks about the common missteps women make, such as leading with credentials, and how we can step into our full femininity to attract a man and build a partnership together. When you create a safe space for the right man, you can both get emotionally naked together.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  How Lisa went from being uncomfortable and awkward around men to being a space for the guardian of her soul to open up and tell her everything. 
  • Why do women default to masculine energy, now more than ever? 
  • You don’t have to be the youngest, fittest, or most beautiful woman in the world to find a man who is going to appreciate you. 
  • How to have high standards without coming across as entitled. 
  • What makes the wind go out of a man’s sails on a date? 
  • Being open doesn’t mean you put up with crap with jerks. In fact, you know how to spot them and move on quicker without even having to lecture them! 
  • It’s about learning how to communicate and ask for what you want but in a feminine way. 

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