How To Stop Pushing Away Male Attention

How To Stop Pushing Away Male Attention

Do you feel like the one in the friend group who never gets male attention- and if you do, you can’t help but feel awkward and uncomfortable in your skin? This week, Lisa gets real about the male attention you may be ignoring, negating, or just plain oblivious to. She talks about why men seem to approach some women above others (hint: it’s not always about looks), ways that you can get more comfortable with yourself, how to bring more play into your dating life, and get the right men to lavish you with their attention and LOVE IT!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Whether you know it or not, men are checking you out! All the time. 
  • Yes, sometimes men are fixated on your super attractive friend, but here’s what to do so it never throws you off your positive vibe. 
  • Why is it so hard for men to hit on us? 
  • How to tell if you are being playful enough, and a funny story of a woman who got a man’s attention by tossing some trash his way! 
  • The power of slowing things down to not only show a man you’re in touch with yourself and your body, but to remind yourself too!
  • What things push male attention away that you may not be aware of? 
  • What can we learn from the “flirty friend” that seems to garner male attention everywhere she goes? 
  • If you feel like your flicker has gone out, what are some easy gestures you can begin to do that will let a man know you’re interested and that you’re a sensual woman? 

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  • “One of the most beautiful things a woman can have is the quality of playfulness.” 
  • “One of the sexiest things you can possibly do is slow down.” 
  • “If you’re going to have a truly healthy relationship with a man, you’re going to have to learn how to be secure and really open your heart and make it safe for a man to get close to you.”