GITRMM ep 49: How To Know If He’s Really Into You

GITRMM ep 49: How To Know If He’s Really Into You

Are you missing all the ways he’s showing he’s into you? This week, Lisa and Benjamin share a bit of their own love story so you can see some of the signs of what it looks like when a man really is courting you and pushing things forward. They discuss why we get confused and stuck, overthinking a man’s gestures, and how fireworks right away aren’t exactly a promise for what’s to come in the future. At the end of the episode, they explain how their coaching can help you spot the men that are into you right away, and not waste your precious time on the ones that aren’t.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The natural progression that occurs when a man is into you, instead of things feeling chaotic and frenetic. 
  • When a man really likes you, things will feel more relaxed and open than secretive and mysterious. 
  • How throughout their courtship, Benjamin always made sure Lisa felt safe, listened to, and really seen. 
  • When you are the Guardian of someone’s Soul, you are looking for ways to make their journey easier. 
  • How a man will make physical and emotional space for you if he’s really into you. 
  • The ways that Benjamin and Lisa’s Emotionally Naked Dating course helps you weed out the men that aren’t into you, even from the dating profile they help you create. 
  • What to do if you’re left wondering how he feels about you. 

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  • “If I told you I was going to do something, I made certain that I did.” – Benjamin 
  • “There’s so much openness, we don’t have anything hidden from each other. Except you don’t know what I got you from Christmas!” – Lisa  
  • “I wanted you to know that I supported you, and I supported your soul’s journey.” – Benjamin