How Do You Get Into The Right Relationship And Get Out Of Your Past? Plus- Tantric Takeaways!

How Do You Get Into The Right Relationship And Get Out Of Your Past? Plus- Tantric Takeaways!

This week, we get to meet Lisa’s right-hand woman and podcast producer, Kari Lee! Then, Lisa shares the story of two happy clients. First, Rebecca and Sam, who found love online in their late 40’s, and Julene and Andy, who got married just 7 months after meeting. You’ll hear how Julene persevered after heartbreak and learned how to truly open herself up so she could give the right man the chance he deserved. Andy talks about major turn-offs from other women online, and what made Julene stand out from all the rest! Lisa also shares what she learned from a Tantric workshop about letting go of the past and stepping into the future.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What lessons surprised Lisa from attending a Tantric Workshop with Benjamin?
  • What you can expect from working with Lisa, everything from the initial Breakthrough Call to setting up your dating profile to attract the RIGHT type of man.
  • How can you learn from your relationship past RIGHT NOW and move confidently into your relationship future?
  • Lisa’s client Julene shares how she made it past some imposters and found the true Guardian of Her Soul in Andy!
  • Andy shocks Lisa with what were “typical experiences” he had with many women before he met Julene!
  • Julene’s coaching helped her lead with curiosity and an open heart. She was willing to accept not only Andy but his two young daughters into her life and is forever grateful that she did so.
  • What can you learn from Julene and Andy’s situation in your own life?
  • The kiss that almost ruined it all for Julene and Andy!

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  • “We can process our issues and problems from now until forever, or we can stop, be in the present moment, and look out into the future.” – Lisa
  • “I’m looking for the type of client who is ready to get out there and find true love.” – Lisa
  • “When we talk about something and come to our conclusion, it’s done.” – Julene[2][3]