Help! Dating Gives Me So Much Anxiety!

Help! Dating Gives Me So Much Anxiety!

Does the thought of going on a date or waiting for that guy to call back make your palms sweaty and heart beat a little faster- but like, not in a good way? You aren’t alone. Lisa jumps back in, fresh from her hiatus to talk about what anxiety actually is, and why it seems to rear its ugly head more intensely when we’re dating and the possibility of rejection comes into play. She discusses the difference between general anxiety and situational anxiety, how anxiety can strike even the most confident and successful women, why the brain creates anxiety, and the moment she knew she had to face her own fears head on to find the true love she craved.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • First, let’s define anxiety. 
  • What if you don’t really feel anxious in general, but just when it comes to dating and relationships? 
  • How anxiety can show up in everything from our thoughts, body feelings, or unprocessed emotions. 
  • The real cost of not dealing with your anxiety.
  • Why do powerful and successful women still struggle with so much dating our self confidence?
  • If the brain’s job is to protect you, why does it flood us with fear and anxiety?
  • Lisa wouldn’t have found Benjamin if she didn’t face her anxiety. And if she can, so can you! 

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  • “Women who are capable and independent and don’t like asking for help or feeling out of control are going to do everything they can to subconsciously avoid having to face this part of life.” 
  • “Once I got out there, and I put myself online, I started to see how much anxiety I really had in this part of life.” 
  • “I stopped and decided that I had to face this part of life and do something about it.” 
  • “To actually face it head on meant that I came right up against a wall of anxiety that I didn’t even know existed.”