GITRMM: How Men Feel When They Sense a Woman Is Trying to Close The Deal

GITRMM: How Men Feel When They Sense a Woman Is Trying to Close The Deal

In this episode of Get Inside the Right Male Mind, Lisa and Benjamin discuss how men react when they sense that a woman is trying to seal the deal, highlighting that the phrase “always be closing” may be effective in sales but not in dating. Men can sense the energy when women are trying to rush a relationship, and men are turned off by this behavior. Lisa and Benjamin also touch on the idea that finding the perfect partner is more about co-creating a relationship rather than ticking off a checklist. Their Emotionally Naked Dating program encourages women to attract their ideal partner rather than promote themselves, and they discuss how inviting someone into your life is not about being passive but rather about learning to take the lead in a feminine way. They share examples of a few lovely couples that demonstrate what a Guardian of Your Soul Relationship looks like and just how beautiful it can be.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  What does it mean to “seal the deal” in a relationship? 
  • How to focus less on the outcome and more on all the beautiful nuances in getting to know someone and letting that someone get to know you. 
  • When we talk about men loving the chase, it doesn’t mean they want a woman who plays hard to get or who manipulates him. 
  • Why is it so crucial for a man to make his own decisions? 
  • How women might miss the man who is sitting in front of them when they are hell-bent on checking off boxes or treating a date like it’s a negotiation. 
  • Letting go and surrendering are not the same as doing nothing. 
  • Benjamin explains what it feels like from a man’s perspective when a man can sense a woman is anxious and trying to seal the deal.
  • But what if you want to be married…like…yesterday? 
  • Won’t a call relationship go nowhere if you don’t take charge and seal the deal? 

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