GITRMM ep 9: Breaking “The Rules” and Busting Dating Myths

GITRMM ep 9: Breaking “The Rules” and Busting Dating Myths

It’s a Wednesday night, and suddenly the guy you’ve been hoping to hear from texts you to ask if you’re free to go on a date that weekend. You have no plans yet, but according to “the rules”, your answer should be a NO. This week, Lisa and Benjamin break down the biggest dating myths and lies, including a handbook called The Rules used for decades as a guide for catching a man. They break down why rules are just roadblocks to fun, who should text after a first date, and much more!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The Rules was a classic dating guide for many years, but what harm has it caused and how has it actually held you back from finding The Guardian of Your Soul?
  • There is a lot of hypocrisy out there in the dating world, so make sure you take advice from a trusted source who is in a stable, loving relationship.
  • The Rules may show you how to get into a relationship by playing games and using manipulation techniques, but not how to stay in one.
  • The kind of love people are longing for is in the heart, not in games or strategies.
  • While the rules may be to ignore a man’s text or rarely return them, Benjamin explains why that may be the last thing you want to do.

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The Rules

The Rules for Marriage

Dawn Cartwright


  • “The rules to follow are the rules of the human heart.” – Benjamin
  • “You’ve got to do the work on yourself so you can be a true partner to a man.” – Lisa
  • “Rules that extend into relationships are roadblocks to fun.” – Benjamin
  • “Rules seem like a closed fist. Living life from your core values, spontaneity and humor, are like an open hand. – Benjamin