GITRMM ep 7: What Men Really Think When We Start To Process Out Loud

GITRMM ep 7: What Men Really Think When We Start To Process Out Loud

Have you ever found yourself talking and processing your feelings out loud, only to feel like your man was backing away (quite literally in Lisa’s case) and inching their foot out the door?! This week, Lisa and Benjamin sit down to discuss what REALLY happens when a woman starts to process out loud. They talk about the different ways in which men and women process and how we can best serve one another’s needs. Lisa also shares how to ground yourself in your body and emotions, instead of getting stuck overthinking. Plus, a humorous piece on the different narratives going on in both a woman’s and a man’s mind on a date!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How do men and women process differently, and how can we use this knowledge to our advantage?
  • How can a man and woman support each other while processing?
  • Sometimes a woman doesn’t need it to be fixed. She just wants a safe space in which to be heard!
  • Men are often internal processors, while women tend to work through things externally with other women friends, family, etc.
  • Ready to talk with a man about a deep subject or the future or your relationship? A few things you’ve got to know first!
  • How can over-processing in dating and relationships hinder us and cause such high expectations that lead to disappointment?
  • When a man opens up to you, he may need some breathing room.
  • Why you shouldn’t disregard the whole conversation if it seems to be taking your man a long time to get back to you with an answer on his feelings.

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  • “Overthinking leads to tripping over oneself.” – Benjamin
  • “Men need breathing room.” – Benjamin
  • “Every solution has a problem!” – Benjamin