GITRMM ep 6: What Men Are Afraid To Tell You

GITRMM ep 6: What Men Are Afraid To Tell You

Even the best men hide things from the women they love. Why? What stops a man from fully opening up about his feelings and telling you his deepest, darkest secrets? This week, Lisa explains what men are afraid to tell you, and what you can do to create a safe container so your guy will open his heart to you. She and Benjamin talk about what men are most insecure about, how to lovingly handle the fragile male ego, and what they wish women knew when asking them about their jobs, money, or even their sex life. It’s a juicy one – tune in!

 What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • A good man, and most men, are preoccupied with making a woman happy, even at their own expense.
  • Why can’t men connect with each other the way women do?
  • The #1 fear of most men isn’t public speaking or flying, it’s feeling shame. How can you be a big factor in helping them not only avoid shame but feel pride?
  • When you ask him how you look in that dress, a good man will be truthful but tactful.
  • Is honesty always the best policy when it comes to talking with men?
  • Why you may want to rethink the typical “How was your day at work?” inquiry.
  • How do you create space for a man to share his feelings?
  • Sometimes the men with the most bravado are actually the most insecure.
  • The biggest thing a man has to offer is to be a provider and protector. How do women cut men down without even realizing it?
  • What is the difference between an unacceptable behavior and just “boys being boys?”

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  • “A man has to be truthful for a woman to truly trust him when it’s important.”- Benjamin
  • “I didn’t feel like my rare and tender feelings were being trampled on.” – Benjamin
  • “The best thing a woman can do for a man is to meet him at the frequency he is at.” – Benjamin
  • “I really listen to what you need from me.” – Lisa
  • “Pride is a cover for shame.” – Benjamin
  • “A lot of pride is bravado, and it covers up shame.” – Benjamin