GITRMM ep 5 – Embracing Feminine and Masculine Polarity

GITRMM ep 5 – Embracing Feminine and Masculine Polarity

The magical dance of feminine and masculine polarity in your relationship isn’t always easy to do, especially in a society where we women are rewarded for stepping into our masculine. This week, Lisa and Benjamin discuss why women reject our femininity, what it means to be comfortable in your body, and how you can give your man the gift of mirroring his masculinity back to him. You can be a strong, powerful woman AND have him so attracted, he’ll be completely drawn to you! Tune in and learn more!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How can a man show up in his masculine and a woman in her feminine?
  • How can women be the strong, capable goddesses we are without shrinking?
  • How can we allow men to make us feel good and safe in their masculinity?
  • What are some classic feminine qualities we can embody to hold up our end of the polarity in a relationship?
  • What does it mean to be comfortable in your body?
  • A woman needs to be protected and cherished, and a man needs his masculinity mirrored back to him.
  • Why do women reject being feminine?
  • It’s important for a woman to attract and for men to pursue.
  • Ways for women to create polarity in the relationship.
  • How to have faith and trust even when you’ve been hurt and disappointed before.
  • A good relationship doesn’t mean it’s boring. It means you can show up fully.

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  • “You mirror back my masculine. You allow my masculinity.” – Benjamin
  • “The secret to our relationship is that you don’t take things personally.” – Benjamin
  • “Women are empathetic and compassionate. Those are qualities that men come to us for.” – Lisa
  • “A man goes to a woman to have his masculinity mirrored back in him.” – Benjamin
  • “We keep our relationship clean. There is no mess in this relationship.” – Lisa
  • “We are not just mirrors for each other, but we are magnifying mirrors for each other.” – Benjamin