GITRMM ep 47: Is Your Support System Letting You Down?

GITRMM ep 47: Is Your Support System Letting You Down?

This week, we have a listener q from “Cosette”, whose family wants her to stop searching for the one thing she wants most: Love. Instead, they wish she would dedicate her time and energy to deepen her commitment to God, and her career. Have you ever felt sad, lonely, and stuck on someone else’s timetable? Lisa and Benjamin weigh in, and discuss how finding love is actually spirituality in action, and partnership can be the guiding light that helps you find what you’re looking for. They also encourage “Cosette” to have grace for her family, who are probably just looking to protect her, but this doesn’t mean she has to feel like she can’t have it all.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Love doesn’t have to be an either/or experience. In fact, good relationships should help you in every aspect of your life including career and spirituality. 
  • Isn’t a relationship all about compromise? 
  • The FIREWORKS myth, and why it’s okay if you don’t feel crazy sparks on the first date (or even the third!). 
  • A few listener questions and statements including one woman who is restructuring her love life, and another wondering where all the emotionally available men are. 
  • Think love is getting in the way of your relationship with a higher power? Actually, the ultimate spiritual thing you can do is find love. 
  • How is the time table of finding love and starting a family different for men vs women? 
  • If you’re single for now, enjoy it! But do the RIGHT work so it’s possible to call in the Guardian of Your Soul, IF that is what you truly desire. 
  • It’s important to look into the future, and see what you want it to look like. 
  • Other people are going to project their ideas of how life SHOULD be onto you. The restrictions and limiting beliefs are quite often because they are trying to protect you. But, that doesn’t mean you live for them. 
  • How working with Lisa and Benjamin can help you get crystal clear on what you want, including spiritual wisdom. 

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  • “It doesn’t have to be about compromise. I’ve never felt like I’ve compromised.” – Benjamin 
  • “Love is synonymous with God.” – Benjamin 
  • “The ultimate spiritual thing you can do is find love.” – Lisa  
  • “In almost every spiritual practice, the end goal is love.” – Benjamin  
  • “As we lift ourselves with mutual love, it lifts us up to God.” – Benjamin 
  • “I made a decision that I wanted to get more open as I got older. I wanted the road to get wider, not narrower.” – Lisa