GITRMM ep 45: Stop Settling For Less Than What You Deserve

GITRMM ep 45: Stop Settling For Less Than What You Deserve

So many women want to find a man and settle down, but we rarely think about what it actually costs us to “settle”. This week, Lisa and Benjamin cover the different reasons why men may settle, and the ways that women may sacrifice their deepest wants and needs just to have a partner, for fear of the unknown. They talk about how coaching can help you learn not to settle and how to get out of a situation where you are settling, even if it’s been years (or decades).

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How do you even know if you’re settling? What does it look / feel like? 
  • Why do men settle, and how is it different from the reasons women settle? 
  • How settling sets us up for a feedback loop of losing self confidence and self-esteem.
  • Why staying in a relationship hoping the other person will change is a dead end street! 
  • Benjamin and Lisa talk about a client who settled for more than 30 years and was finally able to see the light and leave. 
  • What does it mean to “marry beneath you” financially, physically, etc. 
  • Lisa opens up about using her financial stability to attract men and then resenting them for not making a living, and how she turned it around to learn how to raise her own self-esteem and ultimately, her own self-worth. 

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  • “They can tell that the person isn’t really emotionally available, but they keep settling in the relationship. They keep staying anyway.” – Lisa 
  • “Often, people will stay in a relationship or a feeling hoping that the person will change, or they can change the other person. It seldom happens.” – Benjamin 
  • “We can feel when suddenly we’ve set aside our dreams and aspirations to just get through the day.” – Benjamin 
  • “When you’re with the wrong person, you can’t be with the right person, or you can’t go out and find the right person, it takes a toll on our self esteem.” – Lisa