GITRMM ep 44: Are You Lost Without a Roadmap to Love?

GITRMM ep 44: Are You Lost Without a Roadmap to Love?

You’re told to work hard and smart for your career and put forth effort into the things you want in life. So why aren’t you putting forth the same effort, and getting smart when it comes to finding love? After all, isn’t that what we really want in life? LOVE? Most of us walk around believing that love will just “find us” but that’s not how it works. Not if you want the real stuff. You know… that deeply fun, deeply passionate, connected, satisfying, healthy, surprising kind of love that you can only share with a true Guardian of Your Soul. So what are you waiting for? Benjamin and Lisa are offering you the roadmap you’ve been looking for!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How having a roadmap can help lead you to answer the age old question, “where are all the good men at?!”
  • Most people are like teenagers when it comes to dating.
  • Why being accomplished, attractive, and available isn’t enough for finding love, based in respect and friendship. 
  • Lisa talks about how she gained the emotional maturity she needed in order to find the mature love she wanted.
  • What is the cost of not having a roadmap to love? 
  • Why just learning information and watching YouTube videos on finding love isn’t enough. 
  • When you have a roadmap, you aren’t wasting your time going after men presenting red flags, or in relationships that are solely chemistry based.
  • Finding the Guardian of Your Soul is going to feel very ordinary – and that’s a good thing!

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  • “Having a roadmap means having a step by step plan that puts all of the pieces of this puzzle together, the pieces you already have, and the pieces you have yet to learn. So you can stop wasting precious time and find true love now.” – Lisa 
  • “Finding the guardian of your soul, in some ways, is going to feel very ordinary.” – Lisa 
  • “Unless we learn other ways we’ll just default back to the same things we did in junior high school.”- Benjamin
  • “If you really know what to look for in a man, you can find many of them. But most people are not always valuing the right things, or looking for the right things.” – Lisa