GITRMM ep 42: Don’t Waste Your Time Rushing Into Things

GITRMM ep 42: Don’t Waste Your Time Rushing Into Things

Okay, you’re on a date and the sparks are flying. Yes! This definitely feels different than the others, and even though it’s only the third date, you just know he’s the one! Hold up. This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk all about why rushing into a relationship is the last thing you want to do if you’re truly serious about finding your forever guy! It’s too easy to bypass the necessary steps along the way because you’re so hungry to love and be loved. So whether it’s with them or someone else, Benjamin and Lisa encourage anyone who seriously wants to figure this out, to hire a coach and get conscious. It is the single biggest gift you will give yourself. Time is precious, so don’t waste it by rushing into things!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Feeling chemistry is great, but that doesn’t mean it’s the foundation for a healthy relationship or partnership. 
  • Lisa and Benjamin both give examples of times they rushed into relationships and the lessons it taught them. 
  • If you are a woman of child bearing years that doesn’t want to waste your time, finding a top notch coach like Lisa and Benjamin will literally change your life.
  • Why do men tend to rush into relationships, and how is that different from why women jump in too quickly? 
  • How can you tell if he’s emotionally available so you can stop wasting your time and precious energy?
  • Going on a few dates is not comparable to navigating the ups and downs of life together. You may feel like you know each other, but you don’t.
  • When you rush things, you may jump too fast and too far before knowing just how much your person is willing to integrate you into their life. 

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  • “We remind the women in our course again and again when they think they found the guy early on, we remind them that you really don’t know that person yet.” – Benjamin
  • “I don’t care if every cell in your body is lit up every which way to Sunday, it doesn’t matter. You can not trust your chemistry. You’ve got to slow it down.” – Lisa 
  • “The process is amazing. What women learn and who they become in a span of three short months is astounding.” – Lisa 
  • “It’s one thing to have fun for a while and enjoy each other’s company. But is this person willing to integrate you into his life?” – Lisa
  • “I used to be a judge of character, and now, I realized I was just judging people. Now, I’m a really good read of someone’s character.” – Lisa