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GITRMM ep 38: Stop Seeking Constant Reassurance! Your Love Life Depends On It.

GITRMM ep 38: Stop Seeking Constant Reassurance! Your Love Life Depends On It.

This week, Lisa and Benjamin explore the topic of what happens when a woman needs constant reassurance and the toll it takes on a relationship. They discuss how a woman can ask for reassurance in a healthy way, and why the more space you give a man, the less he seems to need it. Before you text and check in again, listen to this!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What does it look like from the male perspective when you’re constantly seeking reassurance? 
  • The more he feels like he’s walking on eggshells around you, the less he feels like he is the man who can truly make you happy and that is the kiss of death for any relationship. 
  • Men resent feeling manipulated or controlled by a woman. 
  • The more you need reassurance, the more he will feel like he’s doing something bad or wrong, even when he’s not. 
  • How to seek out healthy reassurance from him instead. 
  • Being kind and compassionate is important, but it also doesn’t mean you are a doormat.
  • Men are truly one-track-minded, and they may really like you but still forget your birthday or send that good morning text. 
  • Lisa talks about how she used every opportunity she could to show Benjamin she was a different kind of woman, the ideal version of her highest self. 

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  • “I think it’s in the nature of a man not to want to do something out of obligation.” – Lisa
  • “Many, many, many men resent feeling manipulated or controlled by a woman.” – Lisa
  • “It’s so important for women to really think about the fact that men are truly one-track minded.” – Lisa 
  • “Part of those things that a man needs, particularly as the relationship settles in, are time and space to himself.” – Benjamin