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GITRMM ep 37: Got Ghosted? Here’s What To Do Next!

GITRMM ep 37: Got Ghosted? Here’s What To Do Next!

Getting ghosted is just an unfortunate part of our modern dating world, and it sure doesn’t feel good. Lisa has talked with women who have even been in a 3 years long relationship, and all of a sudden…POOF! Ghosted. This week, Lisa and Benjamin break down a few of the reasons men do ghost, and how to handle it once it happens to you. Benjamin shares the male perspective of a few things on a date that may make a man want to run for the hills, and Lisa discusses the tools you can learn in her Emotionally Naked Dating course that will help you stand your ground and take your power back.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Ghosting happens, even to the best of us. However, it’s important to remember that you are still in control of your reactions and how you handle it. 
  • Even though getting ghosted can feel super disappointing, a lot of men disappear because they are afraid the relationship is moving too fast and they don’t want to anger or upset a woman by telling her that he doesn’t see it moving forward. 
  • Why do men sit on 3+ hour dates that seem to be wonderful, never to call again? 
  • Other people may ghost, but it’s important for you to live in your integrity and always end things kindly. 
  • When we have a conclusion, there’s understanding and maybe even an eventual forgiveness. When we ghost, you leave the other person to be confused and in the dark about what they did, and what went wrong. 
  • The same way that you may have a long list of turn offs that may make you reconsider a second date with a man, chances are that he has them too! 
  • Men may have a quick timeline for sex, but women have a quick timeline for commitment. Men often ghost when they feel like the relationship is a train speeding down the tracks, with no end or stop in sight. 

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  • “We often encourage people, men and women, not to leave dead bodies in their path.” Benjamin
  • “Always end things kindly.” – Benjamin 
  • “We give a lot of our power away to men and then set ourselves up as victims when we do that.” – Lisa
  • “Men may have a quick timeline for sex, but women have a quick timeline for commitment.” – Benjamin