GITRMM ep 36: What a Man Really Wants From You

GITRMM ep 36: What a Man Really Wants From You

Lisa and Benjamin explore something so important that it can affect the very foundation for how a man feels about a woman, and vice versa… Respect. Just why is respect so important to a man? Benjamin shares the male perspective of how a woman admiring even just the smallest things about her man can awaken his masculinity and make him want to protect and love her even more. You’ll learn little ways to show respect that can have a big payoff, and the cost of what happens when a man doesn’t feel respected in his relationship.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Is respect really that important to a man? Why? 
  • Women crave love and being cherished, while men crave being respected and admired. 
  • What if he’s not the perfect male specimen? How can I compliment his looks? 
  • Society makes it seem like men don’t need admiration or praise when it couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • What happens when a man doesn’t feel respected in a relationship? 
  • If you mirror back to him that he’s protecting you and that you feel safe, that will ramp up his desire to do so even more. 

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  • “She has to find something that she can respect or he’s going to feel inadequate and emasculated.” – Benjamin 
  • “One of the things that a woman needs, in addition to feeling love and cherished, is feeling protected, and one of the passions a man has in life is to be able to protect a woman.” – Benjamin 
  • “A woman needs love, a man needs respect.” – Benjamin