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GITRMM ep 35: Are You Accessible To Men?

GITRMM ep 35: Are You Accessible To Men?

Lisa and Benjamin explore a topic that recently came up in their Emotionally Naked Dating course, the idea of women being more accessible to men. They first uncover what it even means to be accessible, and why we so often seem to skip over this trait. Benjamin shares the male perspective on how being accessible helps a man open up and feel vulnerable, leaving him more attached to both the woman and his own masculinity. He and Lisa go over some great dating scripts for what to do when a man won’t let you be accessible because he’s talking too much, or what to do when the conversation just isn’t flowing between the two of you on a date!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Wait – you mean women just don’t get to sit back and let a man do all the work in dating?  
  • There’s a difference between giving a man space and allowing a man to open up.  
  • Why is being accessible so important to a man, and what does that look like? 
  • A date isn’t about how to get a man to like you. It’s about each person opening up, connecting, and seeing if there is a connection of romance or even friendship that is worth your time.
  • If a man isn’t asking you rapid fire questions on a date, it does not mean he doesn’t like you or doesn’t care about getting to know you.  
  • Lisa defines accessibility and how it creates a safe and loving space for both partners. 
  • Lisa shares the beautiful shifts that happened when she started to take the responsibility for herself in every single interaction, and how it showed her the kind of woman she was. 

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  • “There’s a difference between giving a man space and allowing a man to open up and perhaps in a way that he’s never opened up on any other date.” – Benjamin 
  • “Ultimately, a date isn’t about how to get a man to pick you. The date is really two people that are ultimately, in the best of all possibilities, each looking for the Guardian of Your Soul.” – Benjamin
  • “When I think about accessibility, I think about creating a safe and loving space for two people to be human with one another.” – Lisa
  • “It doesn’t automatically mean that a man doesn’t want to get to know you if he’s not asking questions.” – Lisa