GITRMM ep 33: What It Really Looks Like to Be The Guardian of Someone Else’s Soul

GITRMM ep 33: What It Really Looks Like to Be The Guardian of Someone Else’s Soul

This week, Lisa and Benjamin time travel back over 25 years ago to when Benjamin first coined the phrase “Guardian of Your Soul”. It was just a vision to him back then, something he had never experienced himself, until he met Lisa. They share the importance of finding a coach that can model what it is you are looking for, and how to know if you’re ready to not only allow someone wonderful to be the Guardian of your Soul, but to be their soul’s guardian in return. The journey is more about learning how to give rather than get, and Lisa and Benjamin know their love is the most sacred gift they’ve been given in this lifetime. They’d love to share their knowledge and help you find the same.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Benjamin came up with the phrase “guardian of the soul’ when co-writing Handbook for the Heart, which Lisa coincidentally read before meeting Benjamin!
  • When you are the guardian of someone’s soul, you love them through their whole journey, even if that means you don’t always end up together. You give them nourishment, encouragement, and support.
  • Lisa and Benjamin share how they each feel loved and nurtured in a way that their soul calls for.
  • A Guardian of Your Soul relationship is expansive, not constricting.
  • Are you thinking about how You could be the guardian of someone’s soul? That is where your focus should be, and not just getting one of your own.
  • When looking for a coach, find someone who has what you want and is living that life authentically.

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  • “You set the example for what it means to be a man and in every sense of the word.” – Lisa
  • “We would not be the people we are today without each other and without the type of relationship that we fostered and nourished.” – Benjamin
  • “Everything about who I am is because of how you have loved and nurtured all the best parts of me in this relationship.” – Lisa

“Everything we do is for each other. Everything. This is the most sacred gift we’ve been given in this lifetime.” – Lisa