GITRMM ep 32: Are You Mad? Here’s How to Feel Your Anger Without Pushing Him Away

GITRMM ep 32: Are You Mad? Here’s How to Feel Your Anger Without Pushing Him Away

We’ve all felt those little annoyances that bubble under the surface. But what about those times when that simmer turns into a rolling boil and you say something harsh to your person? How you respond to your anger can very well change the course of your relationship, and ultimately your life. This week, Lisa and Benjamin break down The Four Consequences of Anger that we may not think about during those heated moments. They talk about how much a man wants to avoid the blaming and shaming, and what happens in his head and heart the moment a woman starts lashing out. Lisa and Benjamin share ways to slow down your nervous system, honor your feelings, and choose language that helps to meet your needs instead of causing damage.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What are ways our anger pushes men away and turns them cold and distant? 
  • What are better ways to show you are disappointed and let down? 
  • When a man is scared of getting in trouble or being shamed, he will either do something out of obligation, or he just won’t do it. 
  • What causes good men to seek comfort in an external relationship, and what does it have to do with anger? 
  • Managing your anger does not mean suppressing it, pushing it away, or denying your feelings. It’s not the anger itself, it’s how we express that anger.
  • How do most women use anger as the main emotion?
  • Women don’t often even realize how harsh they are being, and how it can come out in the most subtle ways through a call or text. 
  • How does biology set men and women up to react differently to anger? 

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  • “Guys don’t like conflict, especially if it’s directed towards them.” – Benjamin
  • “Everything starts with a breath, just a breath. And sometimes, it’s hard to remember to do that the most basic thing – to take a breath.” – Benjamin
  • “Real men really want to make women happy.” – Benjamin 
  • “Anger creates separation.”  – Lisa