GITRMM ep 3: Makeup, Heels, And Perfect Hair? No. Find Out The Real Aphrodisiac For Men!

GITRMM ep 3: Makeup, Heels, And Perfect Hair? No. Find Out The Real Aphrodisiac For Men!

Do you know what really turns a man on? Think it’s your looks, makeup, or your body shape? Think again! In this episode, Lisa and Benjamin share a list of the TOP 8 things that really turn a man on when first meeting and getting to know a woman. They talk about the difference of sexuality vs. sensuality, how to make a man feel respected and safe at his core, and the importance of a woman being in her own body. You’ll also hear the truth about what turns a man OFF, and how to weed out the insecure men and attract a secure partner that you are wildly attracted to as well, who may just be the Guardian of Your Soul!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Chocolates, oysters, and romantic hot tub nights are fun – but RESPECT is the real aphrodisiac for men.
  • We’ve all heard the “men love bitches” trope, but wait until you see how the RIGHT men feel about kindness.
  • Taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy body is important, but what holds a man’s attention is NOT just about your looks.
  • What you can do on a first date to leave a lasting impression on him and make him feel intoxicated and wanting more.
  • Learn how to be the kind of woman who sees a man not for who he is now, but who he can be.
  • Forget a bad hair day, what do Benjamin and Lisa say the BIGGEST turn off is for men?
  • What is the difference between sensuality vs. sexuality, and which one are you harnessing?
  • How do Lisa and Benjamin continue to stay VERY turned on by each other after 19 years of marriage?

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Men Love Bitches 



  • “More people will notice the table of people having fun than a guy with a knockout.” – Benjamin
  • “Trying too hard doesn’t turn a man on.” – Lisa
  • “Respect is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs.” – Benjamin