GITRMM ep 28: How to Rev Him Up, Slow Him Down, and Get Your Playful Side On

GITRMM ep 28: How to Rev Him Up, Slow Him Down, and Get Your Playful Side On

On your dates, the goal is to…play? Absolutely! Dates can feel so big, with expectations running so high, it’s easy to forget that the whole point is to be present from moment to moment, and to enjoy the man in front of you. This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about the power of female embodiment through confidence and play. They discuss the difference between playfulness and flirting, and give exact scripts to use when you start to feel things may be going too far and too fast, without shaming or rejecting the good guys.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Can a man really feel the subtle energies of masculine and feminine on a date? 
  • A dream date that lasted for hours, yet he never called! What’s up with that? 
  • What is bell jarring, and how can it create the most special and unique feelings for you and your date? 
  • If you start to feel that things are going too far, you always have the power to say no. 
  • Playfulness comes from the heart. It is not a calculated strategy or a game. 
  • Clever and sincere ways to let him know you are there for the long game, not the short game! 
  • How can you maintain that playful energy and have compassion for a man as the relationship progresses? 

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  • “Shame can be the most negative and potent emotion a man can feel.” – Benjamin 
  • “The first thing of female embodiment is confidence.” – Lisa 
  • “It’s not what people say on the date, it’s how they feel on the date and afterwards.” – Benjamin 
  • “When these behaviors come from the right place and have the right intention behind them, it feels genuine.” – Lisa