GITRMM ep 27: Making Room For An Amazing Relationship

GITRMM ep 27: Making Room For An Amazing Relationship

You are a strong, independent, and successful woman with a very full life and you think- “I just need someone to share this with!” Well… have you asked yourself lately if there’s room for that amazing partne? You may not be making as much room for a man to come in as you think. This week, Lisa and Benjamin share the truth on how women tend to make their life so full that it makes a man feel like he’s not needed, or that he will lose his own freedom trying to squeeze into her schedule. They peel back the layers on what a man saying a woman is “too intimidating” may really mean, and give some encouragement to keep being the wonderful woman you are, while letting him in and welcoming him with open arms. Yes, it’s possible to have friends, a thriving career, and your own thing going on, but making room and truly blending lives with the Guardian of Your Soul will light you up with purpose and support for the rest of your life!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Yes, it’s possible to have a full life with hobbies, family, and friends, but the Guardian of Your Soul will desire a relationship as a priority. 
  • How does your inability to fit a man into your life trigger his fear of giving up his freedom? 
  • Lisa and Benjamin decode what it really means if you keep hearing you are intimidating men. 
  •  What if it’s your man that doesn’t seem to want to blend his life with yours? 
  • Lisa and Benjamin help their clients recognize what they are looking for, so they can encompass the values and characteristics that truly are a match. 

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  • “The creation of our relationship is the best part of life.” – Lisa 
  • “That’s all I wanted to do, was create a life that was uniquely ours.  – Lisa
  • “By making the relationship a top priority, it helps our careers. We feel more secure, supported, and that there’s someone who has our backs.” – Benjamin