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GITRMM ep 26: Translating the 5 Love Languages and Adding a Few More!

GITRMM ep 26: Translating the 5 Love Languages and Adding a Few More!

Gary Chapman’s revolutionary book, The 5 Love Languages, stirred up love and relationship conversations everywhere. While the 5 he names are most certainly valid and important, Lisa and Benjamin are here to shoot some holes in some of these theories and add a few universal love languages of their own. This week, they break down the 5 different love languages and talk about which ones they personally relate to, and discuss what to do when your partner isn’t giving you what you need. They talk about why it’s necessary to know yourself and what love languages mean the most to you, and why women need to stop playing games and start opening their hearts in a way that calls in the true Guardian of their Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why has this book and movement struck a chord in so many people? 
  • Lisa and Benjamin break down the 5 Love Languages: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. 
  • Benjamin explains his additional love languages: silence and physical space! Lisa shares how she honors those for him. 
  • What are some other huge love languages for men? 
  • We need to understand what our partner is capable of, and how some things are easier for them to give than others.
  • Lisa talks about taking accountability for her own well being and happiness, and deciding to come into the relationship with Benjamin as a whole and happy person. 
  • What if your partner isn’t giving you the love language you crave? 
  • How can working with Lisa and Benjamin help you learn to have a deep, beautiful appreciation for men that comes from the heart, rather than a strategy? 

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The 5 Love Languages 

The 5 Love Languages 


  • “The truth is that there is no real watered down simple solution for unconditional love. The truth is, the only way we can create lasting love is through genuine emotional nakedness.” – Lisa 
  • “We need to understand what our partner is capable of, even though they may love us up and down in every which way, there may be some things that just aren’t in their wheelhouse.” – Benjamin 
  • “Speaking as a man, we would rather have someone say ‘I respect you then I love you’ sometimes.” – Benjamin 
  • “Silence is the universal language of shamans.” – Benjamin 
  • “Gratitude and appreciation can be the quintessential love language of them all.” – Benjamin