GITRMM ep 24: But What Does “Doing the Work” Mean Exactly?

GITRMM ep 24: But What Does “Doing the Work” Mean Exactly?

“Doing the work” is a phrase we often hear, but not many seem to understand what it actually means. This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about what doing the work in a relationship really means, and how it’s different from just working on yourself. They discuss how doing the work can actually be FUN and not so heavy or draining when you’re with the Guardian of Your Soul. They also discuss how spirituality isn’t a one size fits all approach, and Lisa talks about the gaps she filled in her own self work before attracting Benjamin into her life. Are you ready to roll up those sleeves and do some work? Let’s dive in.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why “working on yourself” doesn’t always guarantee that the work will translate over to your relationship. 
  • What most people have wrong about “doing the work” and why they are spinning their wheels with little to no results. 
  • How do Lisa and Benjamin help their clients become the best version of themselves so they can step out and find an equal partner? 
  • Why is it important to do the work? What happens if you don’t? 
  • What if you don’t have a love partner just yet – shouldn’t you just wait and do the work once you’re both together? 
  • Once you find the Guardian of Your Soul, do you still have to do the work? 
  • What does “doing the work” mean to Benjamin and Lisa, even after all these years together? 
  • It’s one skill set to commit to individual growth, and another to do it with a partner.

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  • “Sometimes the work we do to understand ourselves is to get a better sense of who we are in the world, but it can become a bit insular.” – Benjamin 
  • “We have to learn how to find a balance and middle ground between man and woman, and learn how to merge.” – Lisa 
  • “One of the dangers of spiritual growth is that we develop an identity of what spirituality is, and if someone doesn’t fit into that model, then they’re not spiritual.” – Benjamin 
  • “We can have all this growth and understanding and all of these things, but to be emotionally naked with another person – that’s another skill set.” – Lisa