GITRMM ep 23: Do Men Actually Want To Commit? YES. But They Need These Things First…

GITRMM ep 23: Do Men Actually Want To Commit? YES. But They Need These Things First…

When thinking about dating and attracting a wonderful partner, a question every woman should be asking herself is, what will make him want to stay and commit wholeheartedly? This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about how men actually do want to commit, but for the right person and the right conditions. They discuss some things that a man desires from a woman in order to commit to her, and what types of behaviors make him think in the longer term. Benjamin shares the exact moment he knew he wanted to commit to Lisa, and how friendship and a foundation of trust were paramount to locking each other in as the Guardian of their Souls.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How can a man and woman truly support one another in a way that makes the other feel free yet taken care of? 
  • What does it mean when a man feels that his life is going to be more expansive, and how can you give him that gift? 
  • What does it feel like to a man when they feel as though their personal freedom is being taken away? How do you not limit a man or take away his freedom? 
  • How does a man look to a woman to be his teacher? 
  • What needs to be established during the trust and safety phase to really grow in the longer term? 
  • What made Benjamin go home and cancel his dating app subscription after just a couple dates with Lisa? 
  • How can working with a coach help you become the woman that makes him excited to commit? 

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  • “Men want to commit, but they want to commit with the right person and the right conditions.” – Benjamin
  • “Men look to women to be their teachers.” – Benjamin
  • “A man’s biggest fear is giving up his personal freedom.” – Lisa
  • “We wouldn’t be the same people we are today without the relationship we’ve had, supporting each other, and seeing what each other can be.” – Lisa