GITRMM ep 22: Don’t Lean Back OR Chase Him. Take The Feminine Lead!

GITRMM ep 22: Don’t Lean Back OR Chase Him. Take The Feminine Lead!

To text or not to text. That is the modern day dating question! If you text, does that show too much eagerness and availability? If you don’t text, how will he know you are interested. And even more, what should you text? All these questions can cause so much confusion! Lisa and Benjamin are here to break it all down and explain what the feminine lead is, and why it’s important to take the feminine lead in relationships. They talk about why the feminine lead makes a man feel thrilled to proceed pursuing you, and let him know that you’re a playful and high value woman. They give examples of clients that have found success after stepping into their own feminine lead, and how it’s completely different from chasing after a man.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What does “lean back” really mean in dating, and how does it make a man feel? 
  • If you text first, does that mean you’re chasing him? 
  • What exactly is the feminine lead, and how can you bring it into your dating? 
  • How taking the feminine lead will make a man feel revved up and secure in his masculinity. 
  • What are some exact things and phrases women can do and say when taking the feminine lead?
  • How does taking the feminine lead filter out the narcissist and love bombers and create a path for the Guardian of Your Soul? 
  • There’s a SPECIFIC way Lisa and Benjamin teach their coaching clients about the feminine lead that encourages the man to want honest feedback about how to make the woman happy. 
  • Why is The Rules book antiquated and not a method to gain a real relationship?
  • How does the feminine lead differ from how men lead? 

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The Rules 


  • “When I went on a date with you, I went home feeling like more of a man.” – Benjamin 
  • “What a man is looking for is a woman that he’s going to have fun with.” – Benjamin
  • “The best word is gratitude and the worst word is entitlement.” – Benjamin
  • “We don’t lead like a man would lead, it’s a different way of leading.” – Lisa
  • “The female lead is all about encouraging the man to take the lead.” – Lisa