GITRMM ep 21- Sex: The Art Of Taking It Slowly

GITRMM ep 21- Sex: The Art Of Taking It Slowly

Chances are, you’ve had this moment at least once in life – you meet a man on a date and are having a great night, the wine is flowing, jazz is playing, and hormones are pumping. Things are escalating quickly and you allow yourself to get swept up in the moment and you two have sex. So now what? This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk all about casual sex and how it gets in the way of relationships. They give their own personal experience in starting things off slowly and building a solid foundation, plus how not to rush things while keeping that magnetism and attraction alive and burning! You’ll learn that sensuality doesn’t have to mean sex, and how waiting for it can set you two on the path to a sexy, sensual, lasting relationship that goes the distance!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • From a man’s point of view – what is fun about the conquest?
  • What are some of the different ways men and women view sex?
  • Almost any lasting and trusting relationship is built on a foundation of friendship. 
  • When you rush right to sex you are skipping the best part- building momentum, excitement, and suspense.
  • Once you do put a stop to casual sex, then you have to ask yourself what kind of relationship you want, and how can you start to create that with a man? 
  • Part of getting the skills of creating a conscious relationship can be through coaching. 
  • Why did Lisa and Benjamin decide to take it slowly and create a foundation of friendship and connection first? 
  • Okay, what is the man really thinking the next morning? Benjamin gives us the male perspective.

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  • “Almost any lasting, trusting relationship is built on a foundation of friendship.” – Benjamin
  • “One of the most sexually exciting parts of a relationship is before the sexual intimacy where you are building.” – Benjamin 
  • “It’s so much easier getting to know someone when there is not the pretense of being lovers.” – Benjamin 
  • “We didn’t rush this process. We gave it the love and nurturing and attention it needed to build a connection that is unbreakable.” – Lisa 
  • “When there is initial sex, the woman bonds more to the man than they may bond to the woman.” – Benjamin